What is Candace House?
Candace House is a non-profit, non-adversarial charitable organization that is working to establish and operate a facility to help meet the needs of those affected by serious crime. Candace House hopes to support victims by offering a comforting presence, practical assistance, resources and education, and working collaboratively with other community programs and services. For more information, click here

How can I become involved?
If you would like to become involved with Candace House, we invite you to donatevolunteer or connect with us

Where is Candace House located?
While Candace House is actively working to obtain a facility in Winnipeg, Manitoba, currently no physical location exists. Until a physical facility has been established, Candace House supports victims through online links to helpful 
resources and information. 

How is Candace House legally constructed?
Candace House Inc. was registered as a not-for-profit agency under the Manitoba Corporations Act in August 2013, and achieved registered charity status in November 2013 (No. 85222 9590 RR0001)

How can I donate and is my donation tax deductible?
To make a donation now, click here. For more information on donating to Candace House visit Donate Now.

Can I donate in honour or in memory of someone?
Absolutely! Click here, enter your information and select the option indicating that you would like to donate in honor or in memory of someone.