Without support from the community, Candace House would not be possible. As a registered charity we are able to accept financial donations through a variety of means and are pleased to provide tax receipts. (Charitable Number: 852229590RR0001)

Find out more about the generous organizations and people who already support Candace House.


Yes, I would like to make a one time donation to Candace House.


Secure online donations can be made using VISA, MasterCard, American Express, PayPal, CanadaHelps gift cards, as well as Interac through participating banks. 

Donations can also be made by mail. Complete our donor form and mail it together with your donation to Candace House.

DONATE monthly

Yes, I would like to become a monthly Candace House donor. 


Through CanadaHelps, we are able to accept monthly donations. Just choose how much you would like to donate, set-up the automatic payment processing, and you're done. It’s that easy!  Each month your donation will be processed on the day of the month you’ve selected. 

Donate your Ride!


Candace House is now able to accept donations through Donate A Car Canada. When you donate your RV, boat, motorcycle or other vehicle to us, it will either be recycled or sold at auction depending on its condition, age and location. Donate A Car looks after all the details to make it easy for you to participate and for Candace House to benefit, including providing free towing in many areas across Canada, or places you can drop off your vehicle to maximize your donation. Find out more or donate your ride today!